Bandanas for heads. They're no longer just for playing in the park or reliving the 1980s. In the past few years, everyday headbands have come back in a big way, and now they're worn by celebrities, fashion stars, and regular women. In addition to being trendy, headbands are very useful and stylish simultaneously, making them a great addition to any wardrobe.

How Come You Pick a Headband? 

That being said, why should you think about wearing a cap every day? Here are some strong reasons: 

  • Versatility: Headbands come in a huge range of styles, colors, and materials, making them versatile. There is a trendy embellished design, a chic knotted design, a fun headwrap, and a classic fabric design for every outfit and event. 
  • Convenience: Headbands are very helpful when your hair isn't doing well or you don't have time to do anything else. They tame frizz, keep hair out of your face, and make you look good immediately. 
  • Comfort: Tight hairstyles can give you headaches, but headbands are a safe and easy way to manage your hair that doesn't make you feel limited. 
  • Style Boost: Adding a headband to an otherwise simple outfit can make it look more stylish and put together. Choosing the right hat can give your outfit something extra to make it your own. 
  • Hair Health: A square headband can be a kinder way to style your hair than tight hairstyles, which can damage hair. Choose materials that are soft and airy to keep them from breaking. 


How to Choose the Right Headband: 

There are so many choices that picking the right headband might seem impossible. Here are some things to think about: 

  • Shape of the Face: Headbands with a knotted detail or a small lift at the crown can help round faces look taller and more defined. Headbands with rounded edges can make square faces look less harsh. Oval face shapes can look good in any style. 
  • Type of Hair: If you have thick hair, look for wider headbands with a strong frame to keep everything in place. Headbands that are thin or made of soft, stretchy materials can look good with fine hair. 
  • Style: If you're active, pick a headband made of a material that will wick away sweat, like cotton or a performance mix. 
  • Personal Style: Don't be afraid to try new things! There are many different kinds of headbands. Use bright colors, fun patterns, or small details to make your outfit fit your style. 


Ideas for Wearing a Headband Everyday: 

Here are some ways you can wear everyday headbands every day:  

Put on a simple fabric headband with your favorite pants and a t-shirt for a stylish but simple look. 

Are You Ready for Work? Choose a basic knotted headband in a neutral color to dress up your work outfit a bit. 

  • The Workout Wonder: Some headbands that wick away sweat, keep hair in place, and add color to gym clothes. 
  • Beach Girl: A colored headband or one that looks like it came from a bohemian style can make your beach day outfit more fun. 
  • Night Out: To improve the look of your outfit for the evening, add a cheetah print headband or a bright, statement design. 


How to Take Care of Your Headbands: 

Headbands need some care to stay in good shape and look like any other item. Here are some ideas: 

  • To keep your cloth headbands from shrinking, wash them by hand with a mild detergent and let them dry in the air. 
  • Clean any spots on your headbands right away. 
  • Keep your headbands in a cool, dry place to keep them from losing shape. 

Headbands are more than just a way to dress up your hair; they're also a way to show off your style and be comfortable. Add a hat to your everyday outfit the next time you want to make it look better and don't be afraid to rock it!